October 25 20:56 2017

“More Cowbell 2” The Bruce Dickinson Experience is a parody of one of SNL’S most popular skits “More Cowbell”. “More Cowbell 2” written by Bradley Thomas Hosie. A Frankyboy Productions and KhaiDea Productions short film. “More Cowbell 2” is a Kickstarter Project, to be launched on October 25, 2017.

Hollywood’s best voice impressionist (Craig Gass) is the voice of Christopher Walken, who portrays the hilariously outlandish, worldly music producer, Bruce Dickinson. Dickinson orchestrated the world famous Blue Oyster Cult and More Cowbell recording session in 1976, where Dickinson’s Cow-Mania phenomena was born.

Fans will get answers about the FBI involvement in the nation-wide cowbell conspiracy cover up. Why did Dickinson’s attorney Nathan ‘Slippery” Thurm, receive millions in Federal funds, while Dickinson was committed to a mandatory thirty-six month de-cowbelling program. View rare footage of Dickinson’s surprize return for the Knack’s, “My Sharona” recording session, just days after completing his de-cowbell program.

Find out what backfired with Dickinson’s hot new sound he brought in just for the My Sharona session, that forced him to flee to the Amazon, where for last thirty-eight years he’s rumoured to have secretly produced hit records for some of rocks biggest bands. Did Gun’s and Roses record “Welcome To The Jungle” in Dickinson’s Amazon jungle? The A.M.A. warns of a possible fever outbreak with “More Cowbell 2” soon to be out.

Christopher Walken Quote: I hear about it everywhere I go. It’s been YEARS and all anybody brings up is Cowbell. I guess you never know what is gonna click.

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