Modern Living with kathy ireland®: See Monogram at Home Highlight Their Monogrammed Items Sold by Work-from-Home Entrepreneurs

October 24 22:18 2017
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Los Angeles, CA – October 24, 2017 — Monogram at Home Director of Operations Frances Arroyo will soon appear on the award-winning, global TV show, Modern Living with kathy ireland®. The segment’s topic is how the company allows its ambassadors to work from home while selling unique, beautiful monogrammed gifts.

Monogram at Home is a home party company that offers a beautiful selection of monogrammed gifts and accessories that are stylish, useful and affordable. The company believes in encouraging, recognizing and rewarding others for who they are. Monogram at Home gives people the opportunity to work from home on their own business, bringing personal and business relationships together from the comfort of home.

Arroyo says that Monogram at Home has a strong dedication to allowing its entrepreneurs to make their own schedule and sell their own way. She explains, “One of our key core decisions that we’ve made was, ‘How do we help our modern entrepreneur spend more time with their favorite people?’ We started looking at this party plan type of company — something that most people are familiar with — where you get together, have some drinks and shop. And you get to spend time with your family and the people that you love. And because of that, our product line is focused more on entertaining, meaning that we have a bar and glassware gift line, a cheese and wine shop, some jet-setting things. Anything that reminds you of home that can be personalized by us is something that we offer.”

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Modern Living with kathy ireland®, is delighted to feature Monogram at Home. He says, “With the rise of the Internet, working remotely has become more and more popular. That’s why Monogram at Home allows all of its ambassadors to work from the comfort of their own homes, making their own hours and dictating their own way of doing business — all while selling beautiful monogrammed pieces that are unlike anything else. We’re thrilled to have Monogram at Home on our show.”

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