Maxconcept launches kickstarter campaign for new product – Bicit – the Stylish Gym Bike for Home and Health

October 19 13:24 2017

Innovative tech startup, Maxconcept launches a worldwide Kickstarter campaign to raise fund for new project, Bicit – the Stylish Gym Bike for Home and Health

MaxConcept has announced the launch of its kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its innovative gym bike, Bicit, designed for home and health use. The campaign is launched to raise a total of HK$ 240,000, in a bid to ensure everyone across the globe has a piece of the innovative and creative gym bike designed to enhance fitness in a fun and stylish way.

Bicit is unlike any other gym bike, as it comes with features that allow users to enjoy the maximum benefits of exercising while putting in minimal effort. The passive system of the bike ensures that users can exercise while sitting, playing with their mobile phones, or even laying down. The combination of functionality and style, with the design of the bike further distinguishes it from traditional gym bikes.

The inspiration to design the bike according to Bicit’s designer, Andy, came from the realization that many people like playing with the mobile phone, while sitting around and living a sedentary lifestyle. Consequently, he decided to create a concept that does not ensure that people exercise while sitting, but also get some encouragement to sit down to workout. Bicit came into being and introduced a way of automatically encouraging otherwise sedentary people to exercise regularly and live healthy.

The stylish design of Bicit ensures that it is not just a gym bike, but one that beautifies the living space. The team at Maxconcept also ensured that the bike was designed, focusing on minimizing the size with balancing the exercising experience and designing that to make Bicit like a stylish home decoration.

In addition to the features mentioned above, other amazing attributes of Bicit include an Automatic Passive Mode that ensures that users do not actively have to put effort on doing the exercises, versatile design to suit all situations in the home, and a mobile app remote control that maximizes user experience, allowing them to remotely control the bike.

Bicit is also a game, allowing users to have fun while sitting and using the innovative gym bike. The team at Maxconcept has designed a game that has been synchronized with the Bicit, providing users more fun and excitement while literally sitting down. Users are able to enjoy the game and the community through the app, allowing them to burn as many calories as possible while having fun, and consequently remaining healthy effortlessly. The inclusion of the game in the bike also allows users to share the fun and healthier lifestyle with friends and family.

Interested backers can support the campaign with as low as HK$40, with different pledge packages available, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to support the laudable cause. The Early bird packages that start with just HK$1,318 comes with different features and bonuses, allowing backers to get the Stylish Gym Bike not only at remarkably amazing discounts, but also with great features and bonuses. The estimated delivery date for each of the package ranges from November 2017 to March 2018, depending on the package bought. It is also worth noting that delivery is to be made to anywhere across the globe.

The all or nothing kickstarter campaign to raise a total of HK$ 240,000 is scheduled to close on Friday, November 3 2017 3:57 AM CET. Interested persons are therefore urged to back the campaign for a healthier and happier community by supporting the kickstarter campaign.

About Maxconcept

Maxconcept is a team of creative and innovative engineers that are highly-experienced in working with OEM & ODM project, providing customers with a One-Stop Solution – from design & prototype, mold development to injection. The Maxconcept team is focused on speedy development and punctual delivery, respecting the confidentiality of each project.

Maxconcept has a high-efficiency explore organization, Research and Department that assist with 3D and other frame software with perfect hardware equipment. Maxconcept has been able to consistently launch new products, with an average of 5 new products monthly, the latest of them being Bicit – the STYLISH GYM BIKE for HOME and HEALTH.

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