2018 Inca Trail Permits for Sale 4 Months Early, with Transparency of the Reservation System in Serious Question

October 16 12:50 2017

Cusco, Peru – The day to start making reservations for the Inca Trail trek 2018 has begun four months earlier than in previous years. As most people are aware, many changes with regards to travel in Machu Picchu have taken place, one of those changes being the earlier release of permits for next year’s hiking season.

Travelers from all over the world will have to accelerate their plans to hike the Inca Trail, as these permits will be sold out quickly, particularly for the most competitive dates in May, June, and July, which sold out fast for the 2017 season.

The Inca Trail is one of the most beautiful and frequented hikes in the Americas. It is an ancient Incan road that was not visited by the Spanish conquistadors in their quest to defeat the Inca emperors. It stretches for 43 km (26 miles), and ends in the famous “lost city of the Inca,” Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu is a place surrounded by mystery, as archaeologists have not been able to determine with 100% certainty the real reasons as to why the Inca people built this city in such an astonishing location. There are many contending theories and questions about this colossal Incan town that was built on top of a mountain ridge, surrounded by massive snowcapped mountains and flanked by the Urubamba River.

Only 500 people a day can hike this trail. All of them need permits, and these permits are distributed amongst porters, guides, and tourists.

These new changes, introduced to protect the area and the communities supported by the tourism the Inca trail brings are not necessarily having the desired effects. The inefficient way in which the system of reservation is carried out not only requires tourists to book months, or in some cases a year in advance, but also limits the viability of smaller tour operators in the area.

Smaller travel operators have also raised concern regarding the lack of transparency around the software being used for making these reservations and the access that smaller companies have, compared to larger corporations. A representative of ASOORCIC, a conglomerate of small travel companies, said that earlier this year that on the day that permits were released for the 2017 season, the system did not work for the first 45 minutes of the 2 hours scheduled for such reservations.

This, understandably, raised the suspicions of many operators in the industry. By the end of those two hours, only a few companies (including the three biggest ones in the market) had secured more than 50% of such permits, while most of the smaller companies had not been able even to access the system.

That same software has been questioned for the same reasons when it comes to making reservations for the Huayna Picchu mountain permits and is being used again for the 2018 bookings. People expect to experience the same results as in 2017.

No matter how much the Peruvian government representatives claim its validity, the owners of small travel companies believe that it is not transparent and that it favors the big national and multinational corporations. On another level, this also takes tourist dollars away from those small rural communities from where porters and cooks come, and seem to be aimed at monopolizing the permits around a handful of powerful companies.

The problem with this is that not only affects small tour operators and travelers, but it also has huge ramifications for travelers, who deserve to get a spot on this Inca trail, no matter which operator they choose for their reservations.

The bottom line is that travelers need to be aware of these concerns and choose wisely when it comes selecting a tour operator. Peru is not Switzerland; corruption is rampant to the point of having two of its ex-presidents in jail, while one other is on the run hiding in the U.S., and another one, together with the leader of the opposition, is being investigated for being a leader of organized crime rings.

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