Yo Bistro Introduces Elegant Yet Unbreakable Wine Glasses

October 11 19:48 2017

Yo Bistro is proud to announce the launch of its latest product, Unbreakable Wine Glasses. The glasses are stemless, made from Tritan Plastic, BPA & EA free, and FDA approved. This innovative product is now being sold by the company on Amazon. Unbreakable Wine Glasses promises to become a hot seller, and so far, customer reviews have been ecstatic:

“This product is perfect!! We ordered it after we realized that most of our wine glasses were broken. We decided to try the non breakable version and we just love it!!
The glass shines and feels like it made of real glass!!”

“What a great product! Awesome packaging and to be honest better than I expected…
The glasses look just like real glass, we literally threw them on the floor to show our guests it wasn’t real glass!”

“I was having out of town guests over for a rooftop party. I wanted nice looking glasses that wouldn’t break and cause a huge mess to clean up. I ordered these YO Bistro glasses and was THRILLED with what I got. They look like real glass. My guests were shocked to learn they were unbreakable! We had a great time and an easy clean up. And who can beat the price! I will be ordering more for sure as I have not found another product like this!”

These trendy stemless glasses are delivered in uniquely designed packaging, which makes them an ideal gift for a housewarming, engagement party or any other special occasion. Company owner Yanay Mizrahi says that one of the biggest selling points is the fact that they look like genuine glass.

“People are astounded when they first see these glasses and realize they’re actually made from shatterproof plastic,” he adds. “They’re so stylish, and elegant enough for the fanciest dinner parties. They even sparkle like real glass!”

Yo Bistro’s Unbreakable Wine Glasses have a heavy, solid feel to them, won’t absorb stains or flavors, are heat-resistant and dishwasher safe. The company backs up customer purchases with a lifetime warranty. “If a customer is not satisfied with the product, we’ll be happy to replace it at no cost,” says Yanay. “But we have such faith in our product; we know that’s not going to happen!”

For more information, visit Amazon, or go to the website at www.yobistro.co

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