Hong Kong Moc & Force + Launched “Healthcare For Liver” To Keep People Healthy & Reduce The Social Problem Caused By “urban Disease”

October 11 19:16 2017

Hong Kong Moc & Force + high-end interview

Frequent overwork deaths in recent years are a wake-up call for our health. “Sudden death from overwork” is not a new topic nowadays, but every time this kind of news comes out, it still becomes the focus of social problem. Also, this kind of social problem should really pay attention on it. In reality, no matter you are working in office as an officer or just a normal work, there is always work to do every day, and exhausted body, work, day after day, there is no end.

Therefore this report is mainly to discuss the topic of How far is overwork death from us? The frequent death of the young people in the city has undoubtedly sounded the alarm for us. In which people today should pay more attention on health, cherish life and stay away from work overtime.

In general causes , a spate of sudden death among young people normally caused by stress, fatigue, lifestyle, and eating disorders and worry, as well as these situations always happened in the workplace.

Hong Kong Moc & Force + high-end interview

According to a recent research in 2016, attention to office people workplace health survey, 2/3 of respondents believe that they are being unhealthy day by day due to the main factors of health hazards, work pressure, environmental pollution and business challenges. Moreover, the latest survey by the world’s leading provider of office solutions, reports that in current years, the mainland Chinese workers are at the top of the world in terms of work and life out of 80 countries and regions. In which shows that the Chinese workers’ pressure nowadays is too high, and the result from questionnaire concluded in the world’s 16 thousand professionals show that people think they are overwork in Main China accounted for 75%, Hongkong accounted for 55%, ranked first and fourth, greatly exceeded 48% of the global average. Among them, Shanghai, Beijing, respectively, ranked 80% and 67% in the survey results, ranking the forefront of the city. 

At the same time, the reporter found that the office people sitting in the office, blowing air conditioning, drinking coffee every day will cause health problems. According to a real case that occurred in China, Mr. Wang, a marketing manager at a foreign company in Beijing, told reporter that he had to deal with hundreds of different people in the office every day. Day and night communicate with many buyers and sellers, the pressure is great, if work encountered difficult, he feel easily to become irritable, he said.          

Where exactly does stress come from? According to the survey, “work”, “personal finances” and “pressure from the boss” came in the top three factors. House mortgage , medical care, pension and education pressure, make people today being more crazy on work and wish to have superhuman powers, 48 hours a day.

Special interview with Moc & Force + health expert company

Who is in charge of your health?          

Special interview with Moc & Force + health expert company          

In this regard, the reporter interviewed one of the most famous health expert company in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Moc & force +(HKMF+)). The GM of HKMF+ has told the reporter that nowadays why people being crazily on work and even choose to damage their own health in order to exchange money and reward, often due to their risk of possible future uncertainty and concerns about the cost of real life. However, overload and high cost of “hard work” will eventually lead to “overwork” instead of “happiness””.     

“Hong Kong Moc & force +” when interviewed by the reporter also said, “in recent years, office people has become a variety of liver disease” target “, liver cancer also is another illness that occurred. The liver is one of the main metabolism of organs in the body, and play a toxin, storing glycogen (glycogen), secretory protein synthesis and so on. The liver also produces the bile needed in the digestive system. In medical usage, often use these words ( hepato- or hepatic) to defined liver. 

Hong Kong Moc & force +

The liver is called the silent organ because the liver has no nerve endings, so even liver cancer may not be painful. Some people may feel pain in the liver due to enlargement of the liver and tearing down the capsule. The capsule of the liver is lined with nerves. The pain can also occur through upper right abdominal pain, under rib pain, and pain in the right arm. Many people even know about liver problems even in the third phase of liver cancer, and that’s because the liver doesn’t have nerve lines. Our liver can’t express discomfort through pain.         

Hong Kong Moc & Force+

In order to solve this problem, Hongkong Blandus International Development Limited “and” Moc&Force PTY Ltd Australia” have co-operated in health product innovation and currently published one special health product called “Healthcare for liver”. This product is committed to the national and global citizens to provide a worldwide better and safer liver health product with a mission to reduce the social problem caused by “urban disease”; also with an aim to keep people healthy.

At present, Hong Kong Moc & Force+ has also published other two very great health products especially for building immune system and health care for bone (Immunity booster and health care for bone). These three great products today by the development speed of Hong Kong Moc & Force + , the are many counters and health product centers have been open all around the world such as Hong Kong, Macau , Thailand , Malaysia, India, Britain and other countries and regions open stores. Finally, HKMF+ has told the reporter that they are currently welcome any dealer, business partners or wholesalers for co-operation openly and globally.

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