October 11 13:02 2017

MALVERN, PA – 11 Oct, 2017 – Luxury live edge artisan, Dan Aquilante showcases his 2017 Fall Collection of stunning live edge craftsmanship and an array of domestic and imported live edge wood slabs.

DCAquilante.com, and Dan Aquilante, designer and owner of D. C. Aquilante’s exquisite artistry of natural wood slabs and designer craftsmanship of one-of-a kind, live edge masterpieces, announces the official launch of their web division for online sales of live edge table design and fabrication.

“It’s an exciting time to watch what was a small boutique sideline, making furniture for friends and family, evolve into a business crafted by my own custom designs, where no two pieces are the same. What’s even more exciting is the expansion into distribution of wood slabs, not only locally salvaged wood but also imported hardwoods that give so many of my designs their own individual character,” says Dan Aquilante. “It truly is an honor seeing the satisfaction and appreciation my clients have for the tedious work that goes into each design, all by hand.”

“Whether its a live edge table, a remarkable bar top, or a wood slab that leaves my shop, en route to a new home design, it’s all truly an incredible opportunity and feeling bringing the grandeur of a tree back to life,” added Dan. 

D. C. Aquilante’s new website will be updated on a regular basis with news of product launches, business activity, press releases and the launch of their wood slab inventory.  Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and sign up for direct emails from the Company at www.DCAquilante.com.

D. C. Aquilante, Live Edge Artisan, located in the heart of Chester County, PA, embraces the exquisite artistry of natural wood slabs and designer craftsmanship, perfecting one-of-a kind, impressive, live edge masterpieces. Many of the live edge wood slabs are indigenous to the surrounding, pictorial Chester County, PA landscapes, salvaged from old, dying, diseased, hazardous or storm struck timber, giving new life to fallen trees, which would have other wise been discarded. D.C. Aquilante’s full array of live edge wood slabs, functional art, art pieces, and stunning live edge furniture, are all intricately designed, start to finish, from harvesting, milling, dehumidification, designing through handcrafted fabrication. Dan Aquilante’s mastery brings the statuesque beauty and serenity of the tree, new life for generations to come.

To learn more about D. C. Aquilante, custom live edge table designs, or to book an appointment to view D. C. Aquilante’s selection of wood slabs, email, [email protected], or visit the website at www.dcaquilante.com.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/Us_yPN3C238

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