MediFoot Podiatry Promotes Benefits of Using a Dedicated Sports Podiatrist

October 11 12:14 2017

Wembley Downs, AU – No one understands the importance of taking care of their body more than an athlete. Special diets, workout routines and even sleeping habits all build the life of an athlete. However, do all athletes take care of themselves from head to toe? Medifoot Podiatry is aiming to answer that question by providing athletes with the resources they need to make intelligent decisions when it comes to sports podiatry.

Medifoot Podiatry is a leading sportpodiatrist in Perth, but they are looking to have a global impact with their online resources and blog posts. Information on sports podiatry, or the practice of maintaining proper foot health in relation to athletics, can be found at for athletes around the world. The site also includes tips about different conditions, information on orthotics, types of podiatry services, blog posts and information about Medifoot Podiatry’s practitioners.

Site visitors can explore information on many topics relating to sport and foot health. Medifoot Podiatry has positioned themselves as one of Australia’s leading experts in sport podiatry, with articles and blog posts covering all sorts of topics, from the importance of podiatry in athletics to whether athletes should transition to barefoot running to taking care of shin splints and blisters.

Medifoot Podiatry emphasises in their online content that different sports have biomechanical processes, which creates different stresses on the feet. No two athletes with separate workout routines have the same issues, which is why paying attention to sports podiatry matters. Medifoot Podiatry recommends that athletes see a podiatrist before starting new workout routines to understand limits and prevent injury.

Medifoot Podiatry also encourages users to transition their experience from on-screen to in-office by making an appointment for a sports podiatry assessment. Experts will examine patients and create a report detailing body movement, muscle range of motion and flexibility, all based on the athlete’s sport and individual body. Medifoot Podiatry is also one of the only podiatrists in Perth to house its own 3D scanned orthotic lab to create lightweight and flexible orthotic inserts for athletic shoes.

Athletes down the street or around the world should take the time to explore the tips, tricks and information on their site It could be the difference between hitting new strides and taking a new injury.

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