How Robots are Changing Hair Transplants These Days

October 11 10:42 2017

San Diego, California – Baldness is a problem that affects men over the age of 50 but is sometimes evident in younger men in their mid-twenties. This can affect one’s appearance, confidence, and self-esteem. For several years, there have been a number of medical advances, including hair transplant that promise to treat thinning hair and hereditary baldness. The newest scientific advancement, Robotic Hair Transplant is a more predictable, pain-free, scar-free cosmetic surgery that promise a quick recovery and a more confident individual with a full head of healthy, natural hair.

Dr. James DeYarman, owner of DeYarman Medical Group, has been doing hair transplant for 36 years and raves about the system that he says has “10x more predictable results” than old methods and with the exact precision that only a robot can do.  Paul Chasan, M.D., a San Diego plastic surgeon who has tried strip surgery in the past said that the robotic hair transplant was a “completely different experience! I had zero pain. The next day I operated for 10 hours and I played golf the following day. I feel great!.” Doug B., another satisfied client said, “It’s easy, quick, natural, basically pain-free and you can’t say that about the other procedures. It’s well worth the price.”

Robotic hair transplant is more predictable than the former hair transplant methods as the doctors and patients already know how the hair will turn out after the procedure is done through a 3D simulation process made before the surgery. Unlike strip surgery, it makes very small punctures when grafting hair. This way, there are no stitches or visible linear scars that are the downsides to strip surgery. It is also more precise than other methods in analyzing the best places to harvest hair resulting in a higher success rate. It also eliminates human fatigue that is only natural when transplanting thousand of hair follicles and protects existing healthy hair so it is not damaged.

DeYarman Medical Group is the first and only medical group in San Diego offering robotic hair transplant. The company also offers more conventional methods of hair transplant, including manual FUE and strip surgery. Dr. DeYarman focused on hair transplant from the beginning of his medical career and reveals how the system is the game-changer for hair transplants.

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