The Chinese Shower Enclosure Is Coming

October 10 17:40 2017

Live in New York more than 20 years, I don’t know how many times I passed the Times Square, when I saw the countless pictures on the large screen keep changing, I felt clearly the world change too fast. Especially China, their economy growing speed is same as their high-speed train. The first few years, here was almost the world of Europe and USA, but now when you look at the large screens, you see many Chinese cultures, Chinese landscapes, Chinese brand images……

Today, I drove with a Chinese friend Xu passing under the large screen of NASDAQ, he pointed at the screen that with square characters and told me excitedly, “ look, that’s the new product release of Rosery Showers, that’s our (Chinese) own brand”.

Honestly, I didn’t understand initially why Xu was so excited, the advertisement of Chinese Alibaba, Sina, JD…….had been here many years. Xu said, it’s not the same, it’s quite normal if a top brand of hot industry appear here, but shower enclosure is different, as a product with low attention in long time, even it’s a top brand would be not known by the Chinese consumers, even in USA it’s same, Rosery comes here, means the competitiveness of us(Chinese) has really increased.

I was touched deeply by Xu’s words, look at our country, when we are busy building more sensitive metal locator, more aircraft carriers, faster pilotless aircraft……, Chinese air conditioner occupied our bedroom, Chinese refrigerator occupied our kitchen, and now our bathroom would be occupied by Chinese shower enclosures. Maybe, we are leading the industry in some fields, but we need to see that, in some industries, such as Rosery and others from China are persuing and even surpass us.

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