Sam’s Tavern Awarded “Best Seattle Burger Bar” 2017 by National Press Distributors

October 09 22:42 2017

National Press Distributors is thrilled to award Sam’s Tavern as the “Best Seattle Burger Bar” in 2017. Seattle is saturated with delicious food options for any hungry customer, but finding the very best bite can prove to be a real challenge for anyone. After careful analysis with industry experts, considering market trends and consumer choices, the best was represented in the menu, user interface and overall experience of Sam’s Tavern’s website. The local flavors infused into their offerings, as well as renowned community support, has earned them the award for 2017.

Huge, mouthwatering patties and fresh hand cut fries is the hallmark signature of a classic burger bar. When you think about digging into a delicious burger, Sam’s Tavern is often the first place a Seattleite thinks of. The variety in flavors and textures across their menu, such as the 50/50 Burger complete with bacon and beef, entices almost any hungry carnivore. Vegetarians can indulge with Sam’s Hazelnut Burger, house made with zesty pickles and Sam’s secret sauce.

Red Robin, originally Sam’s Tavern, has exploded into a national chain treasure. Sadly, the original Sam’s Tavern was closed for 70 years after the Red Robin corporation expanded. However, the bar was so beloved, it was revived in 2012 to continue serving the public their unforgettable dishes in the iconic environment Sam’s was originally opened in. A true leader in the market, Sam’s will continue to thrive in the local city it was first introduced.

National Press Distributors is the provider of Sam’s Tavern’s award after extensive analysis and discussion with industry experts. Please contact NPD’s press representative to learn more about the process or to be considered for next year’s award.

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