Announcing the Release of Nova Casanova’s Controversial New Single “Killing Gorgeous George”

October 09 20:46 2017

New York, New York – Americana Ultra-Rocker Nova Casanova has just released his new single and video “Killing Gorgeous George,” which delivers a poignant message about police brutality toward black people in the USA. Nova is renowned for his unique sound and lyrics that evoke emotion in the listener. This latest single is typical of his style in that it tells a compelling story of love, hatred, joy and pain:

“They have shuttered all their windows, they have bolted all their doors. They have put on their sunglasses ‘cos they’re killing gorgeous George…”

Nova is the founder of the modern style of music known as “ultra rock,” which is based on a unique way of tuning the guitar. The “ultra-rock” equation results in changes in the harmonic intervals and overtones that differ from the standard guitar. And as anyone who has ever listened to Nova’s music can attest, it provides a rich, sweet, unforgettable sound.

Surprisingly, the ultra-rock sound lends itself beautifully to all types of genres, including country, folk, pop, jazz and rock.

About Nova Casanova:

Gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist, Nova is also proficient on the electric keyboard. Having originally inherited his love of music and storytelling from his Irish American ancestry, his ultra-rock musical style is strongly influenced by a combination of his favorite rock, pop and folk singers.

Nova claims to get his inspiration from an unusual source – crime shows and period dramas on television. But whatever the source, this remarkable artist is responsible for creating a new, unprecedented age in musical history.

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