Self-Publishing Kickstarter Project Asks Backers When Was The Last Time They Felt Puppy Love?

October 09 14:24 2017

When was the last time you felt puppy love?

“I remember someone commenting about the depth of their love at one point in my life, and for me personally, my love was pretty superficial at that juncture.  Then along came Mustang, and a series of events eight years later, that have allowed me a greater understanding to the depths of love within and access points to the elements of love.”

It’s been tattooed on my body in Chinese writing for twenty years and recently had some new additions.  ‘To search for truth; To follow Nature;  The Perfection of Man’s/Woman’s being (this one due to mixed interpretation of the Chinese writing, that was so far off base what my original understanding of it was,  became one of my first conscious access points to loving myself more and being ego-less).  The new tattoo additions attempt to illustrate elements of love; heart centered living, vulnerability, harmonization of masculine and feminine energies within, support and more.   This path to love, is not only in my blood,  the strong desire to share it which has manifested over the years in a personal training studio, organic juice bar, meditation guide and instruction, Reiki Master certification and practice, have led to this point.  A book that is one more tool in facilitating and providing means for people to empower their lifestyle.  To know the depths of love within, to feel the power love’s presence, to access it, to manifest it.

My name is Merlin, A Path to Love, A Paw Print for Living is my third self publishing project and I’ve enlisted the help of industry professionals to ensure it blossoms.  The Kickstarter Campaign goal for this self publishing production is $8900 and ends on Thanksgiving Day, Canada Styles Eh, on October 9, 2017. 

Click your heels and forget about being off to see the wizard, allow Toto to show you the path and remember what it’s like to feel puppy love.

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