Jensen Leisure Furniture is an Ethical and Stylish Outdoor Furniture Manufacturer

October 05 18:26 2017

RICHMOND, VA – In the search for outdoor furniture, it is important to find something stylish, sturdy, and most importantly, durable. Durability comes from the manufacturing process, it comes from the amount of time and dedication that was put into each piece created, and for people looking for luxury outdoor furniture in the United States, it comes from Jensen Leisure Furniture, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality, comfortable, outdoor furniture. Their stylish collections include pieces that will remain classics even as trends come and go, and their furniture is durable enough to be able to pass down through generations.

For Jensen Leisure Furniture, the quality of their outdoor furniture starts at the source. They are renowned for only using the finest, most ethically sourced woods available. Their wood is guaranteed by the Rainforest Alliance to be 100% sourced from well-managed forests. They brand their furniture with a number that allows customers to source the product back to the forest it came from. All of their timber is sourced from a forest in Bolivia where the trees are allowed to grow for over 100 years before being harvested, allowing the wood to become stronger and more durable. After a meticulous drying and construction process, all of their pieces are rigorously tested for quality and comfort.

Jensen Leisure Furniture has become synonymous with customer satisfaction throughout the years. It is their number one goal to ensure that each and every is happy with the outcome of their luxury outdoor furniture purchase. This dedication to keeping their customers happy is what has kept them coming back for more. Although their furniture is built to last, and to be handed down from generation to generation as it embodies a timelessness unlike any other outdoor furniture company, customers will often return for additional outdoor furniture needs such as buying more furniture for their homes or businesses.

People in the United States looking for high-quality, durable, and timeless outdoor furniture to match any outdoor decor need look no further than Jensen Leisure Furniture. Since their inception, the company has been constantly producing the most ethically sourced, top-notch outdoor furniture that the business has to offer. Their business is morally sound with the product outcome to back it up, proving that taking the time to implement a little extra consciousness in product manufacturing is definitely worth it. Whether residential or commercial, Jensen Leisure Furniture meticulously crafts products that are comfortable, stylish, and will last for generations to come.

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