October 04 14:20 2017
The Automatic Crayon Sorter, an electronic sorter and storage box that automatically sorts crayons, recently launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for garnering widespread support and the necessary financial backing to manufacture the product.

Born from the frustration of parents picking up crayons all over the house and trying to find their proper storage, the Automatic Crayon Sorter is a beautifully displayed box with different drawers that automatically separate crayons based on the hue category.

“Any parent knows how time-consuming it can be to pick up crayons, find their rightful spot in the crayon box, and put them away – only to be taken back out again when the kids get home from school and thrown into an unorganized bin,” said Amber Wighton, Founder and Developer behind the Automatic Crayon Sorter. “With this new technological gadget, parents and teachers won’t have to worry about unorganized bins of crayons ever again as kids will love to watch the new tool in action as it sorts them neatly by color.”

Based on a survey showing that 70% of people with children would happily purchase a sorting device like the this one, The Automatic Crayon Sorter is poised to help schools and parents all over the world.

Teachers, particularly in the K-2 grade levels will save time sorting bins for their class and won’t have to hear comments such as “I can’t find a red.”

Having launched a Kickstarter campaign, garnered funds would go towards the CAD drawings for the device, the non-functional prototype, and the estimated cost of goods to produce a functional prototype.   Any funds over the requested amount will go to local schools for the purchase of art supplies.

We’re working on behalf of all parents and teachers to make a more seamless crafting station for children worldwide,” said Wighton. “Spread the word on the launch of our campaign, and head on over today to consider backing it.”

For more information, visit the Automatic Crayon Sorter Kickstarter campaign page.

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