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October 03 12:12 2017

Stealthy Heat, helping keep your personal life under the radar.
Stealthy Heat’s Instant Heating & Concealment Kit has many uses and a must have with any synthetic urine on the market. Reusable rapid heat packs heat 3.5 oz of liquid in as little as 10 minutes to body temperature no matter where you are; no electricity required. Disposable hand warmers can take well over an hour; time you might not have. One size fits all strap and insulated zipper pouch help conceal and maintain temperature for hours.

With so many affordable home drug testing kits and increasing availability of legal marijuana, many find themselves subject to a surprise drug test administered by their parents or other loved ones. There are numerous synthetic urine kits available on the market, which typically include a 2 to 3.5 oz bottle of synthetic urine with a temperature strip and a disposable hand warmer. Whether using synthetic urine or clean real urine, you still have two obstacles to overcome: concealing a 3.5 oz flask and submitting the sample within the proper temperature (usually 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit). You certainly cannot rely on having access to a microwave to quickly heat your sample and a disposable hand warmer can take well over an hour to bring a sample to an acceptable temperature.

Stealthy Heat’s reusable rapid heat packs reach 130 degrees in seconds no matter where you are, no electricity required. Stealthy Heat’s rapid heat packs and heating pouch can bring 3.5 oz of liquid to body temperature in approximately 10 minutes. To activate heat pack, locate the disc like coin inside the heat pack placing it between your thumbs and index fingers and “snap” it back and forth one time. This starts the chemical reaction that instantly heats to 130 degrees. Rapid heat pack’s contents are made with 100% guaranteed non-toxic food grade materials. Heat packs are classified as “medical devices” by the FDA. Factory and importer are FDA registered for safety and compliance. To reactivate for later use, quickly boil heat packs until contents become liquid again. Packs are then ready whenever needed. Reuse hundreds of times to save money and reduce waste.

Stealthy Heat kit includes two rapid heat packs, a neoprene pouch, and a one size fits all neoprene Velcro strap. Neoprene pouch is designed to store your flask (or other items) and is large enough to fit both heat packs and a small flask. The pouch zips closed to help maintain heat and secure items inside, and includes a belt loop sized to work with Stealthy Heat’s Velcro strap. The strap is nearly 32 inches long and stretchable to fit most body types and can be cut to a more custom fit. It is double sided with a soft Nylon on one side and a rubberized surface on the reverse. The rubberized surface ensures the strap will not slip down during activity. A small patch of Velcro at the end makes fastening easy and convenient.

Stealthy Heat is also perfect for carrying your “must have” items into; sporting events, music venues, clubs, and while traveling.

Visit for more information. Stealthy Heat is not intended for any illegal purposes, but rather is intended as a Novelty item. Follow all State and Federal laws while using Stealthy Heat; product is not intended to defeat lawfully administered drug tests.

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