Author Kenneth L. Weatherford Calls out Spiritual Fortitude among Christians in New Books

October 02 22:28 2017

In a present world of extremes and contradictions, he wants to bring the focus back on Jesus and His Plan for our Salvation, not man’s religious doctrines. Kenneth L. Weatherford has been able to reach out to the global readers through his books, Finding Your Spiritual Balance in a Religious World – Discover Simple Christianity and Keeping Your Balance in Our Religious World – Student Study Guide by Toplink Publishing

In the legacy of C. S. Lewis (Mere Christianity) and A. W. Tozer (The Pursuit of God) and many Christian teachers of the past, these books are an attempt to bring people back to or direct them to the Biblical Jesus of Nazareth – the long awaited Savior of the Israelites and mankind. Thus, to lead people away from all the man-made religious doctrines and ideas that draw them away from or block their inherent right (paid for by Jesus the Messiah) to a relationship to God. The author states, “People take the Word of God, analyze it, categorize it, sanitize it, legalize it, and as a result, euthanize it!”  That is religion. God made Adam and Eve for relationship and He still desires relationship with mankind rather than man’s religion.  His Son, Jesus, made that possible by re-establishing a Link through the Holy Spirit directly to God the Father for those who turn to Him.

The book, “Finding Your Spiritual Balance in a Religious World”, was written as a stand-alone book on how an individual or group can get their heart back on Jesus and what He teaches  and off all the “rabbit trails” (as a pastor friend calls them) that folks get off on just as the religious experts of Jesus earthly days also did.  “Relationship versus Religion.”  That’s what God wants.

The follow-up text, “Keeping Your Balance in Our Religious World”, is a Study Guide written for classes taught using the “Finding…” text.  It is a leader’s guide for discussion-style classes which brings the retention level of the material (the Word in this case) up from the10-20% of lecture classes to 80% where students are challenged to consider the material.  It can be used for lecture classes easily if necessary.  

His books are written clearly and comprehensive for all readers regardless of the degree of their Christian faith. Kenneth shares, “God’s Word is meant to make our lives more bearable, not less! It is meant to give us Life, not Death! It is meant to free us, not enslave us! Freedom, not religious feudalism, is what Jesus brought to us.

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About the Author

Kenneth L. Weatherford was Born in Seagoville, Texas, Ken went on to college in Nacogdoches, Texas, and then into the Air Force as an Air Rescue helicopter pilot. Thence back to Texas operating a tree care company, then recalled to the military to fly in Europe and other locations in the USA. After that, he taught science for a while before going to work for a major airline as an instructor. He’s always had a love of reading and writing and been walking the Christian Walk for over 40 years. From all that, he writes with experience.

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